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MastermindsGC would like to announce the signing of “Stolts” to their Overwatch Division.

Stolts has been talked about as a potential core member for Masterminds GC over the past month amongst the players and staff. His performances in the EGSS Division 2 Overwatch League had caught the attention of our players and staff.

After the departure of Mungo there was a constant void in the team to be filled every game, Stolts was one of the substitute DPS players helped MastermindsGC field a team each week for EGSS Division 1, CyberGamer and ESL Cups whilst playing for Division 2 team “Running With Scissors”. With the help of Stolts, the team successfully qualified for the EGSS Division 1 Finals taking 4th place at the end of season play. The team felt Stolts’ skill, attitude and ever improving performances would be a great addition to the new core lineup to take the remaining 2016 schedule and beyond.

“Stolts has shown constant improvement since competing in division 2 and has fitted in well with the team since subbing for us over the last month.”

“The team feel he fits in well and we look forward to watching them work together for the future.”

– Matt “Polter” Maxwell, Co-owner.


Robert “BobbyJ” John

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