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Last Saturday the Melee community gathered at GGEZ bar in Melbourne for Miles Ale House, a casual event organised by Melbourne Melee and Legacy’s DonB.

Our resident Fox player, Joshua “Sora” Lyras travelled to Melbourne to compete and was well rewarded for his effort, taking out the event and pocketing a cool $1,000.

With around 60 entrants kicking off at midday, it was bound to be a long day, however the staff at GGEZ were well prepared and ensured the players were well hydrated throughout the day.

Sora cruised through the Pools stage, facing a bye for the first round then cruising to a 2-0 victory against both “Bu$” and “Lucky Luciano”.

Once the top 16 kicked off, Sora’s first match was against veteran player Dekar. Fortunately, Sora had the edge and took the win 3-1, moving on to play another veteran of the scene and fellow Fox player, S.D. A gruelling 5 game match took place, with Sora edging out the win 3-2.

The winner’s final was bound to be a great match, with Sora facing SANick, the man who took the title right from Sora’s hands at SXC late last year.

The match was close as always, however Sora had the edge, taking the victory 3-1 and moving on the Grand Final to await his final opponent.

SANick managed to take the win vs “Rainbow” in the Losers final, and it was time for the rematch in the Grand Final. Nick had something to prove, and came into the bo5 on fire, taking down Sora in a clean 3-0, forcing the bracket reset and another bo5 set to be played.

It was right here that Déjà vu kicked in for Sora, it was as if we were at SXC again, the bracket reset vs Nick, however the tables were turned slightly, with Sora coming from the winner’s side, and Nick coming in swinging from the lower bracket.

The final set did not disappoint, heading into game 5 it came right down to the edge of Yoshi’s story, to the point both players were left on last stock. Redemption was finally achieved for Sora however, taking the win and being crowned champion of the Miles Ale House event for 2018.

A great event once again for the Smash community, thankyou to the staff at GGEZ bar and Melbourne Melee for hosting, and everyone who made the effort to come down and compete, we hope to be here again next year!

The full event is available for viewing on the Melbourne Melee twitch channel here.

The bracket can also be viewed here.


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