ROF: “I Can’t wait to hit the ground in Japan this weekend.”

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Ahead of this weekends EVO JAPAN we had a quick chat to Christian “ROF” Dedalija about his thoughts and expectations heading into the event.

How have you prepared for EVO Japan?

I’ve been using the Gfinity events, although they are online they are the best competitive events available right now, alongside playing local with friends.

What are your goals for the event and what do you hope to achieve?

My goal would be to level up and improve my game, come back to Australia even stronger and start dominating here. If I get a good placing at the tournament that’s awesome, but the biggest thing is to learn and improve.

Who are you looking forward to possibly playing?

Tokido for sure, he’s arguably the best player in the world and he plays Akuma.

What characters do you think have the biggest advantage now that Arcade Edition is live?

I would say Rashid, Bison, Akuma, Guile and Urien. Ibuki suffered the most in my opinion, followed by Balrog.

With the Birdie changes in Arcade Edition, how do you feel about playing him?

He’s slightly weaker, with bullhorn being nerfed (I hope everyone is happy), though now it can go through fireballs a lot more consistently, so characters like Urien must be a lot more careful vs Birdie now.

How are you planning to spend your downtime in Japan?

When I’m not playing I plan on enjoying the nightlife as much as possible, alongside getting absorbed in the culture and experience everything Japan has to offer.


ROF’s bracket can be viewed here, Whilst Travis’ bracket can be viewed here.


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