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POSTED BY Micheal Roberts August 2, 2017 in CSGO
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This Thursday, 3 August, Masterminds will face off against Corvidae in the CyberGamer CGi Winter 2017 Grand Final. We had a chat with MGC Captain, RICHIE, who walked us through the team’s path to the finals.

Congratulations on making it to the CGi finals! Not only is this your first season as a team but you managed to get into the grand finals! How are you and the boys feeling about making it this far?

“We are extremely happy that the hard work that we’ve put in this season as a team has paid off, in our previous roster we did not have much luck in finals and didn’t make it very far.”

There was a bit of change in the roster before the season started, can you tell me about some of the challenges you have had to overcome this season?

“After losing two players, one being the IGL, there was a small pool of players that we could trial. After a couple of weeks we were notified that the season was starting in a few days so we had to decide on two of the players that we had trialled. We were left with little time to practice before the start of the season.”

Is this everyone’s first time in the CGi?

“Other than Straxx, this was the first time any of us have competed in CGi.”

How has it helped having a player like Straxx on the team who has had Cgi experience before?

“As a result of his experience, Straxx is able to provide insight and feedback which has been crucial for the development of the team”

We can’t rule out the experience also provided by the team’s coach – Mungo. Can you tell me the influence he has had over the team’s performance?

Mungo has been extremely helpful as both a coach and a sub. He has helped us develop individually as players and as a team. He has also kept the team’s morale high in games all throughout the season.”

So you are going up against Corvidae who, last time you played and defeated. Do you feel confident that you can beat them again?

“The last time we faced Corvidae was on Nuke in ESEA-P. The map is very hit and miss in my opinion, and this was also only a best of one. I think that Corvidae is a strong team, but I am confident that we have the stronger individual players and can take them down in a best of three as long as we play our own game.”

Do you feel Corvidae have improved since last time you fought them?

“I can’t comment much on this as we haven’t played them since the ESEA match, although I do think that their current results show that they have definitely been working hard and have improved since then.”

Is there anything special you and the team have been doing in preparation for this game?

“We are not doing anything extraordinary in preparation for this match, we are simply practicing as we have throughout the entire season and from that, working to improve ourselves.”

How big would it be for the team if you guys do gain the victory this week?

“Winning this week would be a great achievement for us as a team and as individual players. This would also allow us to get a better seed in the upcoming CGP relegation. This would give us a greater chance of making it into CGP next season.”

The CGi Grand Final is on this Thursday at 8.30pm AEST. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for coverage of the game!

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