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At Masterminds GC, we have spent the last few weeks working tirelessly to bring a new team into the organisation and we are proud to announce the Masterminds Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, a team we are proud to work with in 2017 and beyond.

In our quest for a CSGO team we were in contact with quite a few teams however one team stood our far beyond the rest with their dedication not only to themselves, but to each other. The team formerly known as Valiant finished top of their group and 3rd overall in the latest CyberGamer Main season, proving not only that they can progress as a team but also that they are a force to be reckoned with on their quest to the top.

At Masterminds, we hold a strong emphasis on stability within our teams and we couldn’t be happier with the roster that joins us today. A team of friends who know exactly what needs to be done to achieve their goals both individually and as a collective and we look forward to assisting them in every way possible.

“We are incredibly grateful to be joining Masterminds. When Polter approached us pitching his philosophy and approach to the game, I was instantly attracted and knew we were in good hands. Loyalty and team are words that are often worn-out in CSGO and these are the two key motivators for both the organisation and our team. We are ready to work with Masterminds and do whatever is necessary to stick together and remain loyal to one another. Some of us have been playing together for well over a year now and are confident we can stick out the bumps along the road and hold a stable, successful roster in line.” Said Raphael “Fox” Bardi, captain of Masterminds CSGO.

“Masterminds has given us the tools and support that we need in order to achieve our long-term goals. We needed the extra support an organisation can provide and they have provided us with that very brace. Masterminds has already achieved success in various other titles such as Overwatch and Rocket League and we hope to reproduce some of that success in Counter-Strike while holding onto the values that game us the drive to join and work with Masterminds and succeed. Loyalty and hard work.”

The roster that will be joining Raphael “Fox” Bardi at Masterminds GC includes;

Kyle “Nighthawk” Summers

Jordan “Skull” Newland

Bryan “Richie” Lee

Phillip “Apex” Gilmore

Rounding out the team as Coach and Substitute is former CSGO pro and Masterminds Overwatch player, Liam “Mungo” Morrow.

Both us at Masterminds GC and the team look forward to hitting the ground running in early 2017 as we all work hard towards getting into the next CyberGamer Intermediate season.

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