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POSTED BY Polter January 23, 2018 in FeaturedNews, Overwatch,
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Name: Joshua Knell

Age: 22

Location: Sydney, Australia

First game played competitively: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Why Overwatch: “I got burnt out from CSGO with my team dying at the time Overwatch Beta came out, I joined a friend’s team and have been playing ever since.”

Favourite Hero: “Reinhardt was initially, but we don’t play him too often with Winston being so prevalent. now though I’d have to say Roadhog because he’s fun and breaks up the monotony.”

Role in the team: Captain, main tank and target caller.

Goals as a player: “At this point, I want to win Contenders AU, but the main goal is to reach the Overwatch League with this roster.”

Hobbies/interests outside the game: Basketball

You can follow Knellery on Twitter here.

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