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With the open division kicking off this weekend it is time for us to reveal our Overwatch roster for the upcoming season.

After the disbanding of our main team late last year, we have decided to commit to having one team compete under the Masterminds name, with the Masterminds Blue roster becoming our main team.

The roster consists of: –

Knellery – captain/main tank

Cantus – support

Dalsu – support

Colourhex – DPS

Tails – DPS

Kiki – Flex

Smeves – coach/analyst

Jamie – coach/analyst

We had a chat with Josh “Knellery” Knell about the team and what we can expect heading into 2018:-

How do you feel about the roster?

This is the best iteration of any roster I have played in and I’m keen to see what we can achieve especially with the help of Smeves and Jamiec who have been a massive factor in us improving faster.

What are your expectations for the team coming into open division?

I definitely expect us to come first in the Overwatch Open Division and Contenders if we keep up our current scrim schedule.

How has the team been preparing in the lead up?

We have had a pretty intense schedule to get back into the groove right after new years to make sure we’re not rusty for our first few upcoming games.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve that you’re hoping to hold onto until contenders?

We do have a few tricks up our “Smeves” although you will have to wait and see when we bring them out.

Who are your biggest threat in the region?

I would say Darksided was our biggest threat in the region, but with roster changes we will have to see if any other teams have anything new to show.

Unfortunately with this we will be saying goodbye to Macyn, an incredibly talented player who has been a core member of the Masterminds Blue roster since signing. Macyn will be focusing on his uni/work and we wish him all the best.

The team will first compete tomorrow in the first round of the open division, taking on “Your Name Here” at 2PM AEDT.

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