Nero7 joins Masterminds Rocket League

POSTED BY Polter January 3, 2017 in FeaturedNews, Rocket League, Teams,
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As we kick into gear for the 2017 season at Masterminds GC we welcome nero7, the missing piece of our Rocket League puzzle.

We’ve had quite the shake-up since entering the Rocket League scene, saying goodbye to both Snowy and Fachy and welcoming Jatz and now nero7 to the core roster. nero7 has shown incredible commitment to the team during his trial period and we couldn’t be happier with the team we have heading into competition later this month.

“I’m really looking forward to playing with such experienced players” said nero7. “I feel like we all work really well together and I’m keen to prove that soon.”

Team Captain Kia feels nero7 is a perfect fit for what the team needed. “Looking to finalise our roster going into 2017, we came across nero7 while trialling for a third core. We saw tremendous potential in him and we can’t wait to show just what we can do this season.”

The Masterminds GC Rocket League team-





The Team will first compete later this month in what looks to be a very busy start of the year.

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