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This keyboard review has been written by Masterminds CS:GO player, RICHIE.

Tt eSPORTS have three different Cherry MX switches – red, blue and brown. This means people who prefer more alternative choice of switches have the option. The keyboard I received is the MEKA Pro Cherry Blue and these switches are more audible than the others.

The keyboard packaging is very straightforward with the front showing the Cherry MX switch type, and the back showing all the functions. The inner packaging is what you would expect for a keyboard. You get some extra red coloured key caps, a key puller and some reading documents.

Its dimensions are 449.8 X 142.6 X 37.7 mm and weighs 1.2kg. It has a 1.8m long USB cable that is non-braided and non-detachable. The sizing of this keyboard is good for a practical use as it does not feel bulky when using it.


MEKA PRO Cherry BLUE by Tt eSPORTS – Source

It does not feature any USB or audio passthroughs and the media keys are dual function and not stand-alone. It features n-key rollover and anti-ghosting so no matter how many keys you press, it will correctly register them all. The bottom of the keyboard is basic with five rubber feet or seven, including the adjustable feet which also allow you to set your keyboard at two different height levels.

As far as the lighting goes for the keyboard it is only red, it is not an RGB lighted keyboard. This is better for high intensity situations where the potential of myself getting distracted by many colours is eliminated, allowing me to focus better in game.  There are seven different lighting modes, you’ve got – off, static, pulse, reactive, ripple, wave and sparkle. It also has four pre-configured lighting modes which include a FPS-mode, MOBA-mode, MMO-mode and RTS-mode. It also includes six macro keys and features a very easy way to records macros but I don’t use that at all myself.

The Cherry MX blue switch has very good tactile feedback and intentional click sound that produces during actuation. When I first used it to play CS, it didn’t take very long for me to adapt and get used to this new keyboard. It felt very natural playing with it and the keys were a lot more responsive than my old keyboard. The keys felt very nice to click and play with; I could feel a massive difference on this keyboard compared to my old keyboard which felt like it had a bit of resistance when it came to being pushed down.

The design of the keyboard is very clean with no fancy design. This makes the functionality better than other mechanical keyboards. It has a black colour matte finish with rounded edges and smooth corners. The finish on this keyboard provides a comfortable feel when playing games such as CS:GO. Overall, I am happy with all of the different aspects of performance that this keyboard possesses.

The MEKA Pro Cherry Blue keyboard retails for US $89.99 and is available right now on the Tt eSPORTS website.

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