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POSTED BY Micheal Roberts April 3, 2017 in NewsRocket League,
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The Masterminds Rocket League [RL] team have qualified for RLCS Throwdown Season Two League, Oceania’s premier Rocket League event, after finishing in the top 8 in the open qualifiers held on Sunday, 2 April.

It was a hard-fought battle,  after a loss to Scylla Esports in round two saw us fall into the lower bracket.  Undeterred, the boys rose to the challenge and continued on through the losers bracket, beating teams Alacrity, Rumpus Rooms Wizards and then finally Trident Esports to claim a place in the top eight.

The final match against Trident was a nail biter as both teams put the pressure on each other, forcing out a full five game set and even going into overtime in the last round. Triedent Esports started strong, defending well against the Masterminds peppering of shots in the first round. In round two the consistent pressure from Masterminds started to crack Trident, which saw us take out Round two and three,  with a massive 6-0 in round three, complete with extra salt being added in the form of a last moment, zero hero goal.

After that beating, Trident recomposed themselves and turned on the aggression against Masterminds, responding to round 3 with their own 9-0, thanks in large part to Trident.CJCJ scoring five goals.

In the last round both teams appeared to be handling the pressure well as both sides presented a very back and forth match. Trident scored the early goal but we would not see another until the 2 minute 30 mark when Kami tied up the series one apiece. Both teams refused to give in, which saw the match go into overtime. The ball was locked down in the midfield, until a cross field knock saw Kami face off against Trident.CJCJ which resulted in a high flyer back board bounce that set up a slam dunk goal for Requiem, who had the honour of scoring not only the final goal of the series, but also the qualifying goal.

Caster/Commentator David “Yumi_cheeseman” Lane referred to the victory as the biggest upset of the day.

“I don’t know if you understand but that is the upset of the day. That was massive game five overtime and not only that but you could just see it coming, Requiem in the air going this is Masterminds time for the RLCS.”  – David Lane

We caught up with Nerd from the team and asked him how he felt after such an exhilarating win.

“Incredibly happy that our hard work in training, scrims and replay analysis is paying off despite being such a new team. Coming against some well established teams and starting the day off playing poor by our standard this was just a testament to our dedication and ability to stay calm when we need to the most,” he said.

“My teammates are gods essentially. We all managed to stay focused and play our core game despite previous struggles.”

Nerd also had very positive comments when asked about Trident Esports.

“I have a high amount of respect for Trident. They are a very strong team that works incredibly well off each other and I also have a high amount of respect for their coach, Stormclord, who is a former teammate of mine.”

He also went on to state that it was satisfying to see the team’s hard work starting to pay off.

“Basically we bootcamped the last week trying to get as much scrims and training sessions as a team as possible. These training sessions consisted of passing practise, replay analysis, a coaching session and versing other high rank teams asking for their advice,” he said.

“Going forward, we’ll be keeping up the hard work with training. We know we didn’t play perfectly but it’s our ability to find our weaknesses and work as a team to improve which will keep our momentum going.”

You can watch the VOD of the final match between Trident Esports and Masterminds here on ThrowdownTV.

League play is set to start on the 9th of April so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with results, stream times and highlight plays. Let’s go, Masterminds!

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