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It is with great pleasure we announce the long awaited return of tjk to Masterminds Overwatch.

With the departure of Willx from the team, we were in need of another standout DPS player to fit in with our other five members. As if it was meant to be, tjk was ready for his return to competitive Overwatch and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back.

CantuS, captain of Masterminds Overwatch, is thrilled to welcome tjk back into the fold.

“I am extremely happy to welcome tjk back on the roster. I have no doubt that he’ll pick things up quick and get back to his old form as a superstar DPS carry. I look forward to our future results as a team,” he said.

Smeves, coach of Masterminds Overwatch shared similar sentiments about tjk’s return to yellow.

“Working with new players is always exciting, and having worked with tjk previously I know just what he is capable of. I have no doubt that that his name will be on the tip of your tongue in the near future.”

Due to roster restrictions, this change means the team becomes ineligible to compete in the ESL Overwatch Open Division. Whilst this is not ideal, we will be forfeiting the remainder of this competition.

Overwatch Blue are unaffected and will continue to compete in the Open Division as usual.

We look forward to showing you all just what we can do with this roster. Remember to keep up to date with Masterminds on Twitter and Facebook!

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