Masterminds Overwatch Team Intro Video!

POSTED BY Polter September 30, 2016 in NewsOverwatch,
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The Masterminds GC Overwatch Team have been hard at work behind the scenes working towards the goal of division 1 qualification in the EGSS. Last weekend the team finished 7-1 in the 3rd qualifier to solidify their place in division 1, surprising everyone other than themselves, who knew what they were capable of. In recognition of the team that got us here, we are proud to present our Overwatch Team Introduction Video.

Featuring the 6 members who put Masterminds on the map with their dedication and commitment, we owe our gratitude to all of them. Unfortunately we have since parted ways with Amril, a top-notch DPS player who we cannot thank, nor recommend enough. Our young prodigy Mistarhee has moved to the Sub role alongside Dench, both of whom show great potential and can slot into the team seamlessly when required.

This has made room for 2 new additions to the team, and after their solid performance last night in the EGSS we are excited to welcome Ahren and Mungo, both of whom fit perfectly with the teams atmosphere and have the knowledge and experience that will prove instrumental in team development.

This introduction video was produced by our hardworking vod producer 5plint, check him out on Youtube!

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