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Welcome to the first edition of Masterminds Monthly, where we recap Masterminds-related news and our performance in the titles and events we’ve competed in over the month.

Here are the MGC news and results summaries for the month of January.

Masterminds: Overwatch

With the Australian Overwatch Open Division right around the corner, Masterminds started off 2018 with a fresh new Overwatch roster, a restructuring of the old Masterminds and its sister squad Masterminds Blue. The single team competing under the Masterminds name consists of:

  • Knellery, captain/main tank
  • CantuS, support
  • Dalsu, support
  • Colourhex, DPS
  • Tails, DPS
  • Kiki, flex
  • Smeves, coach/analyst
  • Jamie, coach/analyst

Read more here.

The change proved to be exactly what we needed to start the year off strong. In the opening match of the Open Divison, we took a hard fought 3-2 series over Your Name Here and dominated our next match against the NOC Predators with a 3-0 victory. Carrying our momentum over to the next weekend of matches, we saw our boys in yellow take down rivals Kings Gaming Club and Dark Sided, 3-1 and 3-2 respectively. We closed off the season with a convincing 3-0 over Stunner Meal and 3-1 over Alter Ego Pro to remain the only undefeated Australian Overwatch team in the Open Division.

Suffice to say, Masterminds Gaming Club stands proud at the top of the Australian Overwatch Open Division Bracket, head and shoulders above the other teams.

“Really proud of the boys and how we managed to win every series, even with a last minute stand-in against Kings and Dark Sided, but going into Open Division Finals and Contenders we’re going to make sure we’re not dropping maps to teams we shouldn’t be.” – Knellery, Captain of Masterminds Overwatch

The Open Division Finals will be happening sometime in early March.

In case you missed it, here was our Knellery Player Profile.

Masterminds: Street Fighter V

Last November, Masterminds Gaming Club entered the Street Fighter V scene with our pickups of Christian “RoF” Dedalija and Travis “Travis” Styles, two extraordinary Street Fighter players with exceptional skill.

The beginning of 2018 was quiet for the Street Fighter boys, with RoF making a guest appearance on the LP4U show where he showcased his SFV knowledge:

Halfway through January, we saw Travis Styles begin to make a name for himself on the weekly Gfinity Challenger Series for Street Fighter V, winning a handful of Competitor Cups over the likes of players such as GhostChips and NezsKillerQueen. Travis is currently an impressive 3rd on the overall Street Fighter V Gfinity Rankings.

However, the main event of the month for the Masterminds Street Fighter duo was to be the prestigious Evo Japan 2018, the very first Evolution Championship Series in Japan featuring top talent from all around the globe.

With over 2000 unique entrants in Street Fighter V alone, RoF and Travis Styles set their sights high, with a goal of achieving top 64 and bringing back to Australia a wealth of knowledge and experience ample enough to dominate the local scene.

RoF started off his bracket strong with 2-0s over S N G and DD in his first two rounds. However, after an early loss to kiharu, RoF found himself in the loser’s bracket at the biggest event of the year. Nevertheless, RoF was determined to deliver on his goal. A convincing 2-0 over クアリ meant that RoF had made it to the second round of pools. There, he took 2-0 victories across the board against Jermainee, NerdyDisc3 and wafuzaki to find himself in the loser’s final of his pool for a chance at top 128. Unfortunately, our boy fell short with a 1-2 defeat against sako to bow out of the tournament at 129th place.

Travis Styles shared a similar run to RoF, starting off his bracket with strong 2-0s over Natoto and and tachi before falling early to gachikun to find himself in the loser’s bracket. A quick 2-0 over てふてふ and Travis had made it into Round 2 Pools. Travis Styles would go on to defeat takoreo and gaigii, 2-0 each, before falling to ryusei one round short of 129th to finish at 193rd place.

Despite falling short of their goals, our boys made Masterminds proud with their performance out of 2,217 entrants. We’re looking forward to how they stack up against the competition both locally and internationally in 2018.

Masterminds: Melee

Masterminds Gaming Club also stepped into the Smash Melee fighting ring late last year in November with our pickup of Joshua “Sora” Lyras, a Sydney-sider Fox main who had proved himself to be one of the best players in Australia with his recent breakout performances.

The month of January was a month of redemption for Sora and Masterminds Melee. In 2017, Sora fell short at three of the biggest FGC events of the year, coming 2nd at Battle Arena Melbourne 9 to Spud, 2nd at OzHadou Nationals 15 to Spud again and 2nd at the Southern Cross Championships 2017 to SA Nick. Now starting off 2018 afresh, Sora looked to overcome his mental hurdle at the first major event of the year, Miles’ Ale House.

Sora started his run ablaze, taking out Bu$ and Lucky Luciano in pools 2-0 each to make it into Top 16. In the first round he faced Dekar and took a convincing 3-1 victory. Up next was S.D., Victoria’s resident Fox player and 1st on the Melbourne Power Rankings. Down 3 stocks to 1 on his winner’s bracket game, Sora pulled off a miraculous comeback to bring the set to a Game 5. He managed to secure the victory over S.D. and found himself in the Winner’s Final against SA Nick, who he had fallen to at SXC2K17. Sora took a 3-1 victory after SA Nick decided to go Falco and was sitting pretty on the Winner’s side of Grand Finals at Miles Ale House.

SA Nick came back from the loser’s side to fight Sora again in Grand Finals. The first set was a crushing 3-0 for SA Nick and for a moment it looked like Sora was succumbing to his 2nd place curse. However, our boy pulled through with mental fortitude and took the final set in a last game, last stock situation to take home the 1st place title at Miles Ale House.

Read more here.

Alongside this big win, we also saw Sora take home a quiet 1st place finish at the Sydney Melee local Smash at GoodGames #2.

We’re looking forward to Sora’s performances in 2018, especially at BAM X, which will happen on the 18th of May.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The start of the month saw Masterminds GC announce our unfortunate departure from the CS:GO scene. Our roster, which comprised of Aisling “Whitegurlwasted” Klimoski, Michael “Straxmorz” Milic, Kyle “Nighthawk” Summers, Jordan “Skullhunter” Newland, James “Cosmo$tarchild” Martin and Chris “Jinxx” Moseley, was a formidable team with results to match.

Despite this, we felt that it was an appropriate decision to make for our organisation and had to bid the team farewell with best wishes for their success over 2018.

Results Summary for January:


Overwatch Open Division – Australia

  • MGC 3:2 Your Name Here
  • MGC 3:0 Game of Throws
  • MGC 3:1 Pantheon Esports
  • MGC 3:0 NoC Owls
  • MGC 3:0 NoC Predators
  • MGC 3:0 The Halal Boys
  • MGC 3:1 Kings GC
  • MGC 3:2 ViewSonic.DarkSided
  • MGC 3:0 Stunner Meal
  • MGC 3:1 Alter Ego Pro

Current record: MGC 10:0

Street Fighter V

Gfinity Challenger Series

  • Travis Styles: 3rd place on the leaderboard as of 6/02/2018.


Evolution 2018 Japan

  • MGC RoF: 129th at Evo 2018
  • MGC Travis Styles: 193rd at Evo 2018


Super Smash Bros Melee

Miles’ Ale House

  • MGC Sora: 1st Place


Smash at GoodGames #2

  • MGC Sora: 1st Place


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