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POSTED BY Polter November 11, 2017 in AboutFeatured, Teams,
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Here at Masterminds we have kept a keen eye on the fighting game community for some time and are proud to announce our move into the scene with 3 outstanding players in their given titles.

Joining us on our endeavour are: –

Joshua “Sora” Lyras – Smash Melee

Sora is a top tier Smash player whose growth opportunities lie in attending monthly events in both Melbourne and Sydney and we will be working to have him attend as many of these as possible.

Christian “RoF” Dedalija – Street Fighter V

RoF is not only a top-tier player in the region, he is also a true FGC character. We can’t wait to work with him to further develop his growth in the scene.

Travis “Travis” Styles – Street Fighter V

Travis is a dedicated player from Western Australia who will allow us to implement a development and mentoring program between himself and RoF to better both players.



“We are excited by the opportunities presented by each of the players we have selected. They each individually bring something unique, and we can’t wait to work with them to grow themselves and the FGC.”

Matt “Polter” Maxwell


We put a lot of effort in investigating the personalities of the FGC scene to find the players that were right for Masterminds and I cannot wait to get to work with these players on our shared goals.

Micheal “Disconcur” Roberts

All 3 players will be in action at the Southern Cross Championships next month.

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