Masterminds CS:GO Roster Update

POSTED BY Polter October 11, 2017 in CSGOFeatured, News,
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With the recent release of Richie, and Apocdud stepping down to a substitute role, we were left with some big shoes to fill within the team. The time has now come for us to confirm our new roster, and we are pleased to welcome 2 new additions to the Masterminds CS:GO team, James “cosmo$tarCh1LD” Martin, and Chris “Jinxx” Moseley.

“It’s been going really well with both cosmo$tarCh1LD and Jinxx, the team dynamic has changed a bit but we look forward to working together to get some great results.” Said Jordan “Skullhunter” Newland.

The roster now is as follows:

Jordan “Skullhunter” Newland

Kyle “Nighthawk” Summers

Michael “Straxmorz” Milic

James “cosmo$starCh1LD” Martin

Chris “Jinxx” Moseley

Tom “Apocdud” Henry


The team is currently competing in the CG Intermediate division, AEM Season 3 and ESEA MDL. Keep up to date with the team via our Twitter and Facebook.

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