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POSTED BY Polter January 4, 2018 in CSGONews,
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Sadly it is time for us here at Masterminds to announce our departure from the CS:GO scene, with the official release of our roster comprising of: –

  • Aisling “Whitegurlwasted” Klimoski – Manager
  • Michael “Straxmorz” Milic
  • Kyle “Nighthawk” Summers
  • Jordan “Skullhunter” Newland
  • James “Cosmo$tarchild” Martin
  • Chris “Jinxx” Moseley

When we first entered the CS:GO scene, we looked for a team with potential to grow and improve, and to this day we believe we found that. The boys were in CGM upon our signing, and as I am writing this they have come off the back of winning the latest CGI season and are on the cusp of a CGP promotion heading into 2018.

After attending 2 AEM LAN’s and the CGPL Championship LAN, the boys have become a staple at the Cybergamer Studio in Adelaide and we hope to be able to see them attend many more.


“I personally would like to thank Aisling first off, who has been a phenomenal asset to us as a manager, going above and beyond to make sure both the team, and we are all on the same page. And to all the boys who played for us in the last year, thank you for your hard work and dedication to both the team and our brand. They have achieved great things and I hope to see them continue to succeed in the CS:GO scene.”

Matt Maxwell Co-owner/CEO


This was a truly difficult decision to make, but as we look forward into our plans for 2018 we feel this is the right move to make for our organisation.

We wish the guys the absolute best and hope to see them taking the fight to the top teams in Australia this year.

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