Introducing the Masterminds Stream Team

POSTED BY MM_Admin April 29, 2017 in NewsTeams,
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Masterminds are thrilled to announce that our support of the Australian gaming community now expands to streamers and content creators.

“At Masterminds we work with players and community members in all avenues of esports with a desire to see them reach success in their chosen field. The stream team we are launching today is a testament to that, giving us the platform and ability to assist in the growth and development of some truly deserving content creators,” said Masterminds co-owner, Polter.

The current line up of talent includes some names that fans may already be familiar with, as well as some newer faces:

Kingbig – CS:GO

CantuS – Overwatch

Beanocookie – Variety

Panz – Hearthstone

Mirelurk – CS:GO

We’ll be releasing a weekly stream schedule, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out when they’re online! You can also check out the MastermindsGC Community page on Twitch.

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