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POSTED BY Micheal Roberts July 27, 2017 in CSGO
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This guide is written by Masterminds CS:GO player, SkulL

This isn’t going to be something like what everyone else posts. I’m not going to tell you to aim prac or watch your demos or even professionals demos (you should by the way). I’m not going to teach you how to peek and why you lose gunfights. I’m also not going to tell you to “just play more” to improve your “game sense”. This is going to be something I wish someone would have given me when I was grinding the hours into my learning curve. Something that will very quickly take any improving player up a step with a simple read and with some time, putting this to use in your next; scrim, pug, league match or practice.

First Contact

This is a good thing to come up first because it’s simple. Simply put, it’s about having the remaining players that are holding an angle, or part of the map to play hiding/hidden but are close and the others play “1st contact” and are the first to face and shoot the other team. After which the other players peek after the player calls or shoots his gun at them. This can be used as a way to hold a bomb site with stacks on CT, a way to hold after plants when it’s only a few players left, and it’s an easy way to stop clutches. IT’S AN EASY WAY TO WIN ROUNDS. Use it.


This is something that I’ve seen and heard being said and talked about at all ranks, but never have I seen more players do this wrong and it’s beyond me. It’s as simple as making the enemy walk into both of your crosshairs at the same time. Make them have to fight both of you at the same time. This and I mean it, will win you more rounds on CT than you can imagine.


This has the be the worst thing that there is on T side, it’s almost natural for good players to do, but is never really done at all for the rest of the community. It’s basically when your teammates go in first and die, you kill the player that kills him in the beginning. It’s as easy as that. No tricks with this one, if your teammate dies you kill the guy who did it. “Now how do I do that” you say? You fucking peek with or right behind your teammate when your entry goes in first. You will make your entry fragger quit if you don’t do this.


This is commonly used as a bad word. Which it is in your case, but not anymore. Baiting is basically what you use someone to draw out or to find the location of the other team. You will soon stop doing this wrong and learn to use it to your team’s advantage. (Which means you will ask people to bait you) As upset as you may be to die, it means you win the round, YOU have won the round for your team and you didn’t even need to get a kill. TAKE THAT top fragger. This is easily done by going in first when you are low or you may not have the best gun. Sometimes this will happen when you have to find the last player hiding in a bomb site or being the first contact in post plant, or in your case, to let the better aimers kill everyone.

Man Down/Equalising Plays

This is more used towards team play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think about doing this is MM or Pugs. Basically, if one of your teammates gets picked off early in the round that you and your teammates make a counter play or an aggressive move to equalise the players on their team. This can be as simple as quickly peeking out on the other side of the map with your teammate and killing someone moving back to a more passive position, fully pushing on the other side of the map with a Counter Execute or talking to your team to make a flash play to find a player playing alone. This is never used in pugs properly, the best thing for you to do is to group up and hit a bomb site with numbers.

Taking Map Control

Map control is your friend, you take and clear a part of the map you can freely roam this part of the map for executes and fakes, fast rotates or slowing the other teams rotates, pushing the other team back into spawn or bomb sites. But this isn’t only for T side either. If say the T’s take mid control on cache, you fall back and take A main control with a flash. You eliminate a part of the map that they would use to take that bomb site and you rotate around that. You can gather so much information by having more map control, taking banana on inferno, for example, allows you to know if they are going B or not. This lets you stack the other bomb site by gaining information as to what the enemies are about to do.

Post Plants

So many players almost get into the mindset of thinking as soon as the bomb is down, that the round is almost already over and they get pushy and peek way too much. You should hold and fight for the important post plant positions, however, say you plant for B main on cache you hold B main on cache so you can win the round if they try and defuse the bomb. You play your first contact and bait setups and peek when it’s needed, you count to 3 when the bomb gets tapped. A simple thought to think is “Do I HAVE to peek now” and you will win more rounds.


This is something that should be used in any competitive environment, but when used so badly,  it has cost you games. It’s telling your team very simple things about what you can see, hear or what you are about to do. Nothing more, nothing less. If you “think” they are going A, you keep your mouth shut, but if you have information suggesting that they could go A, you say “care A”. You call when you are about to peek so your teammates can trade you. Do run out and flame when they really could have had no idea that you were going to run out like a spastic. You tell your team what you are using your grenades on and what the other team are doing themselves. You tell your team that they are “executing B” or “smokes B” not “IT’S B, IT’S B, IT’S B”. You will tell your team what you are watching and what setup you are hoping to run. And lastly, don’t ever, EVER flame in voice chat, you will make a simple call as to where you got killed from and what you saw while alive that’s it. (If you need to flame use DeadTalk or mute your mic) Any team you play with after that will love you for it.

Using Your Teammates

Your teammates are your key to success. You can have more chances to get kills and get the help you need, not get killed or trade frag if needed. You can ask them to use grenades and flashes for you to find kills and help you take map control. CSGO isn’t an easy solo carry game, you will find more and faster rank ups if you work as a team. You don’t even need to know the person at all to get some basic teamwork going. Just ask them to flash you in, and do the same for when they ask. They can also use their grenades to create executes on a bomb site, just ask for what smokes they know and create an execute on the fly.

Being Ready, Aware and Thinking

Finally, this has to be the hardest thing to do in the whole game. This will define you as a player and will take any leveled player to the next leap in skill. It’s a simple as slowing down and thinking about what’s happening around you, what you should do around what’s happening in the round and what’s the best move you can make to win the round. This game is never static and you can’t have an idea or follow a script to win the round when things change or something happens differently. You need to understand what your teammates are doing, what you are calling when you should be using grenades and what you should do next. It doesn’t need to be a full on examination but just a quick check on what you can learn about the situation can go a long way. Things like checking the timer, checking the radar, listening to calls being made, what calls you are making, what grenades you have and who/how many are alive. Just thinking about stuff like this will help in the process of becoming a better player.

Jordan “SkulL” Newland

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