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POSTED BY Micheal Roberts April 8, 2017 in EventsMisc, News,
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Masterminds is proud to announce its support for a local gaming event in  Geraldton, WA, which is being run for the youths of the area. The Gaming event is called “The Spawn Point”,  a Pop-up Video Gaming Zone being setup on the 10th of April and the 18th where anyone can come down and play competitive video games against other players in safe, friendly and social environment.

This event will feature at least four gaming devices being made available for use, with each featuring a set of different games. During the days of the event there will also some minor fighting games tournaments being run for people to compete in.


“Masterminds has always focused on helping, assisting and bettering our players as well as being a force for change in the esports industry. An event like this offers us the chance to not only connect with youths who share a similar passion for gaming as us but also allows us to help create that spark / catalyst that moves them to enter the esports arena.” “We are helping to develop and set the foundations of today so we can continue to have the esports of tomorrow.” – Co-Owner of Masterminds.

Masterminds aren’t the only group getting on board for this event as Riotous eSports, Bite’Z Tavern, Mitchell and Brown Geraldton, Apprentice & Traineeship Co & the City of Greater Geraldton are also showing their support.

If you would like to know more about the event please head over to the event page on FaceBook.


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