Farewells Masterminds Paladins Team

POSTED BY Polter December 27, 2017 in NewsPaladins,
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Unfortunately the time has come for us to farewell the Masterminds Paladins roster, with all parties deciding not to renew contracts and go their separate ways.

After initially signing the team prior to the Paladins Oceania finals held at PAX Aus 2017, as an organisation we couldn’t be happier with the commitment and dedication every player on this roster showed to the organisation.

“When we brought the team on, we brought on a group of young and impressionable players who we hope had their impression of our organisation carry on through to their future endeavours. I hope we continue to see them compete in the Paladins scene.”

– Jon “Tag” Dudley, Operations Manager


We hope that our time with the team has been as rewarding for the players as it has been for us, and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

As an organisation, we are yet to decide on our future intentions regarding Paladins.

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