CSGO ESEA Quarter Finals – Masterminds vs Elim Gaming

POSTED BY Micheal Roberts April 28, 2017 in CSGONews,
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The Masterminds Counter Strike GO [CSGO] team have made it through to the ESEA OPEN semi finals after beating Elim Gaming with a convincing win during the quarter finals last night.

RICHIE, SkulL, Nighthawk, Mungo and Apex took to the field last night starting on Mirage, taking a decisive win going 16:5 against ELIM Gaming. The second map Train wasn’t such an easy walk as Elim Gaming gave Masterminds a run for their money in the first half taking a clear lead of 5 rounds going into the second half.  However the switch of sides proved to be their downfall and the Masterminds boys came back closing the match at 16:13.

This win over Elim Gaming puts Masterminds into the Semi finals where they will face oh yea boy.

Making it into the Semi finals also makes the team serious contenders for the ESEA premiere league next season.


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