Masterminds place 3rd at Overwatch Championships!

Last weekend, over May 27th and 28th, Masterminds competed against three of the top Overwatch teams in Australia, for a shot at the ESL Season 1 2017 Championship. After weeks of preparation, they were ready to show everyone what they could do. Their competition was Athletico Camo, 4Legs and Plot 1, all three had also shown they were there for a reason.

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Overwatch Masterminds play for the Championship! LAN finals

This weekend is going to be big for Masterminds, as our new team will be competing in the 2017 ESL AU&NZ Season 1 Championship on May 27th!

Though we had started the year saying goodbye to some of our players, we soon after signed team Snakes. Not long after our new powerhouse had been formed, they qualified for the upcoming finals, with all players demonstrating that they are a force to be reckoned with. Now, only days away, the Masterminds are ready to claim top prize, and bring home the championship.

Since our initial announcement there have been some minor alterations to our roster, however the lineup is still strong. The current roster is as follows:

Project (temporary filling in for CantuS) – Support
taki – Support
Soundwave – DPS
Nectar – DPS
HooWoo – Flex
KS1 – Tank
Smeves – Coach

“The boys have been working hard and we are happy with our efforts. We have had some rosters changes for the event but we feel good in our lineups abilities  to bring home the cup.” – KS1, Tank for Masterminds.

Having spent a fair amount of time in preparation for the event, we are ready and excited to see the team play. This year’s prize pool for Overwatch amounts to a total of $10,000 with top prize being $5,000.

If like us you want to see the Masterminds in action, along with some of the best teams in the region, you can grab your tickets here. The event is being held live at the ESL Sydney Studios with games starting at 12.00pm AEDT.

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Masterminds Stream Team Giveaway

MGC Stream Team Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the Mastermind Stream Team, we’re giving our fans the chance to WIN a $50 gift card of their choice! Simply show your support of the team by following the prompts below to go in the draw.

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Masterminds Stream Team

Introducing the Masterminds Stream Team

Masterminds are thrilled to announce that our support of the Australian gaming community now expands to streamers and content creators.

“At Masterminds we work with players and community members in all avenues of esports with a desire to see them reach success in their chosen field. The stream team we are launching today is a testament to that, giving us the platform and ability to assist in the growth and development of some truly deserving content creators,” said Masterminds co-owner, Polter.

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Masterminds CSGO welcomes Apocdud, Straxx and Kingbig

Masterminds CSGO has been on the search for 2 new core members since the departure of Fox and Apex and today we are proud to announce that Apocdud and Straxx will be joining the team, alongside Kingbig who will be taking on a sub position.

Team captain Richie is confident in the new roster, and feels they have made the right choice moving forward.

“This is a strong line up, it’s taken us some time to find the right people but we couldn’t be happier with the team and look forward to working hard.”

The roster is as follows: –






Mungo – Coach/Sub

Kingbig – Sub


The team will first compete together in the CGI FFYI on May 8th.

Welcome the new Masterminds Overwatch

When Masterminds GC launched, we did so with an Overwatch team at the helm; a team that worked their way from the ground up, exceeding all expectations. Unfortunately, earlier this year we said goodbye to our team in their current form as the players went their separate ways within the scene and we were left with a decision to make on our future within Overwatch.

After many discussions within the organisation and with potential players and teams, we are proud to announce the signing of the Snakes roster – an extremely talented group of individuals who have shown they are a force to be reckoned with.

The team have qualified for the ESL AU&NZ Championship Season 1 finals already, giving them a place at ESL’s first Overwatch LAN to take place on the 27th and 28th of May in Sydney.

Alongside this, the team is currently competing in the Cybergamer OCE Circuit and look in good stead to complete in the LAN finals in June to take place at Cybergamer’s studio in Adelaide.

The roster is as follows:

CantuS – Support

taki – Support

Degs – DPS

tjk – DPS

HooWoo – Flex

KS1 – Tank

Smeves – Coach

“As a team, we couldn’t be happier to work with an organisation like Masterminds,” said CantuS.

“A few of the guys have played for Masterminds before so we know we are in good hands heading into a busy time for Overwatch in our region.”

The Team will first compete as Masterminds next Tuesday where they come up against “Thinking” in the Cybergamer OCE Circuit at 9PM AEST. You can watch the match live here.

The end of Masterminds Overwatch

After spending the last month attempting to rebuild our Overwatch team, both the players and the organisation have decided it is in all of our best interests to part ways.

Bim, Ahren, Stolts and Bangz are four of the best players within our region who have kept undying loyalty to the team, the organisation and each other. We truly wish all the best for the 4 members and look forward to seeing them succeed elsewhere.

Masterminds first launched with an Overwatch team, a team built from the ground up. While we may be stepping out of the scene for the time being, we will be looking to compete again in the near future.


Getting behind local events – “The Spawn Point”

Masterminds is proud to announce its support for a local gaming event in  Geraldton, WA, which is being run for the youths of the area. The Gaming event is called “The Spawn Point”,  a Pop-up Video Gaming Zone being setup on the 10th of April and the 18th where anyone can come down and play competitive video games against other players in safe, friendly and social environment.

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