Masterminds CS:GO Roster Update

With the recent release of Richie, and Apocdud stepping down to a substitute role, we were left with some big shoes to fill within the team. The time has now come for us to confirm our new roster, and we are pleased to welcome 2 new additions to the Masterminds CS:GO team, James “cosmo$tarCh1LD” Martin, and Chris “Jinxx” Moseley.

“It’s been going really well with both cosmo$tarCh1LD and Jinxx, the team dynamic has changed a bit but we look forward to working together to get some great results.” Said Jordan “Skullhunter” Newland.

The roster now is as follows:

Jordan “Skullhunter” Newland

Kyle “Nighthawk” Summers

Michael “Straxmorz” Milic

James “cosmo$starCh1LD” Martin

Chris “Jinxx” Moseley

Tom “Apocdud” Henry


The team is currently competing in the CG Intermediate division, AEM Season 3 and ESEA MDL. Keep up to date with the team via our Twitter and Facebook.

Masterminds Overwatch welcome back tjk

It is with great pleasure we announce the long awaited return of tjk to Masterminds Overwatch.

With the departure of Willx from the team, we were in need of another standout DPS player to fit in with our other five members. As if it was meant to be, tjk was ready for his return to competitive Overwatch and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back.

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A Catch up with CantuS

Previously rank 1 NA Mercy player, Mastermind (no pun intended) of the 6-stacking drama, destroyer of teams and dedicated support player CantuS is the captain of Masterminds Overwatch.

Having played competitive Overwatch since release, CantuS was always above the pack whilst competing under Team Skyfire and JAM Gaming; however it wasn’t until the formation of the “Snakes” that we saw what CantuS could achieve at the reigns of a top-tier Overwatch team.

After being unable to attend the ESL ANZ Championships LAN due to passport issues, CantuS and the rest of Masterminds Overwatch showed their true potential at the CyberGamer AOC circuit LAN finals, winning the event in convincing fashion.

We sat down with CantuS to discuss Overwatch and its current state in our region.

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Announcing Masterminds Overwatch Blue

Overwatch has always been a key focus of us here at Masterminds and today we are pleased to announce our expansion further into the scene with the signing of our second team, Masterminds blue.


The roster is as follows: —

Knellery – Tank

Tails – DPS/Flex

Macyn – DPS

Colourhex – DPS

Dalsu – Support

Birdy – Support


“It will be great having 2 teams that can work together to improve and run targeted practice with the specific aim of developing strategies for both sides.” Said Smeves, coach of Masterminds Overwatch.

We can’t wait to see what the team can achieve under the Masterminds banner. Remember to stay tuned via twitter @mastermindsgc to keep up to date with the teams!

Masterminds and OPC Season 2

After much deliberation as both an organisation and a team, we have decided to not compete in the upcoming OPC Relegations & Promotions tournament for season 2.

First and foremost, we would like to apologise to our fans and those who had wished us well in our OPC dream, we know we would have put on a great show, but with a lengthy stay in Taiwan being a big commitment for all involved, it is not a commitment that our team and coaching staff will all be able to make and we have no desire to change our roster for the sake of competing in this event.

Overwatch in ANZ is on the way up, and things will only get better from here. So, for now, we will be focused on being the best team in our region until the time comes for us, as a full team, to compete at an international level.

Big things are coming for Masterminds, in Overwatch and the greater esports realm so as always, follow us @mastermindsgc to keep in the loop!

– Matt “Polter” Maxwell
– Aidan “Smeves” Pianca

Masterminds Overwatch Roster Changes

The Masterminds Overwatch team has decided upon two changes in preparation for the upcoming ESL ANZ Championships LAN, and it is time to say goodbye to both Degs and TJK who have commitments outside of the Overwatch universe to attend to.

However, we are delighted to announce that we have confirmed our two new members to be joining the team, both Nectar and Soundwaves will be taking up core positions on the roster and will be attending the ESL LAN event with the team.

The Masterminds Overwatch roster is as follows: –

CantuS – Captain/Support

Taki – Support

KS1 – Tank

HooWoo – Flex

Soundwaves – DPS

Nectar – DPS

Smeves – Coach

We look forward to seeing the team perform later this month and hope you do too!

Masterminds CSGO welcomes Apocdud, Straxx and Kingbig

Masterminds CSGO has been on the search for 2 new core members since the departure of Fox and Apex and today we are proud to announce that Apocdud and Straxx will be joining the team, alongside Kingbig who will be taking on a sub position.

Team captain Richie is confident in the new roster, and feels they have made the right choice moving forward.

“This is a strong line up, it’s taken us some time to find the right people but we couldn’t be happier with the team and look forward to working hard.”

The roster is as follows: –






Mungo – Coach/Sub

Kingbig – Sub


The team will first compete together in the CGI FFYI on May 8th.

Welcome the new Masterminds Overwatch

When Masterminds GC launched, we did so with an Overwatch team at the helm; a team that worked their way from the ground up, exceeding all expectations. Unfortunately, earlier this year we said goodbye to our team in their current form as the players went their separate ways within the scene and we were left with a decision to make on our future within Overwatch.

After many discussions within the organisation and with potential players and teams, we are proud to announce the signing of the Snakes roster – an extremely talented group of individuals who have shown they are a force to be reckoned with.

The team have qualified for the ESL AU&NZ Championship Season 1 finals already, giving them a place at ESL’s first Overwatch LAN to take place on the 27th and 28th of May in Sydney.

Alongside this, the team is currently competing in the Cybergamer OCE Circuit and look in good stead to complete in the LAN finals in June to take place at Cybergamer’s studio in Adelaide.

The roster is as follows:

CantuS – Support

taki – Support

Degs – DPS

tjk – DPS

HooWoo – Flex

KS1 – Tank

Smeves – Coach

“As a team, we couldn’t be happier to work with an organisation like Masterminds,” said CantuS.

“A few of the guys have played for Masterminds before so we know we are in good hands heading into a busy time for Overwatch in our region.”

The Team will first compete as Masterminds next Tuesday where they come up against “Thinking” in the Cybergamer OCE Circuit at 9PM AEST. You can watch the match live here.

The end of Masterminds Overwatch

After spending the last month attempting to rebuild our Overwatch team, both the players and the organisation have decided it is in all of our best interests to part ways.

Bim, Ahren, Stolts and Bangz are four of the best players within our region who have kept undying loyalty to the team, the organisation and each other. We truly wish all the best for the 4 members and look forward to seeing them succeed elsewhere.

Masterminds first launched with an Overwatch team, a team built from the ground up. While we may be stepping out of the scene for the time being, we will be looking to compete again in the near future.