Announcing the Masterminds Rocket League Team!

POSTED BY Polter November 24, 2016 in FeaturedNews, Rocket League, Teams,
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Rocket League has always been a title of interest to Masterminds due to its consistent competition and healthy player-base so we are pleased to announce our official move into Rocket League with Serenity joining the crew.

Consisting of Kia, Fachy, Snowy and Seniaz, Serenity have performed extremely well in their short time together, taking out the RLO earlier this month alongside a 4th in Mockit within their first week competing together.

The team have shown they are still on the way up after taking home 2nd place in the ESL GO4RocketLeague Cup #10 last weekend in a gruelling Grand Final vs Team Furox.

“We are thrilled to be joining Masterminds and look forward to having the ability to focus on our game and progression as a team” Says Kia.

“As a new team our plan always was and still is to train hard and stick it out as a team and so far we are extremely happy with our progress and look forward to finishing 2016 strong and respresenting masterminds as best we can.”

The team will first compete as Masterminds this Sunday in the ESL GO4RocketLeague Cup #11.

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