Announcing Masterminds Overwatch Blue

POSTED BY Polter June 19, 2017 in FeaturedOverwatch,
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Overwatch has always been a key focus of us here at Masterminds and today we are pleased to announce our expansion further into the scene with the signing of our second team, Masterminds blue.


The roster is as follows: —

Knellery – Tank

Tails – DPS/Flex

Macyn – DPS

Colourhex – DPS

Dalsu – Support

Birdy – Support


“It will be great having 2 teams that can work together to improve and run targeted practice with the specific aim of developing strategies for both sides.” Said Smeves, coach of Masterminds Overwatch.

We can’t wait to see what the team can achieve under the Masterminds banner. Remember to stay tuned via twitter @mastermindsgc to keep up to date with the teams!

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