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Welcome to Masterminds!

We are a new Oceanic eSports organisation looking to step into the competitive gaming scene across our region with both a passion and desire to not only assist competitive players but to also help build and maintain striving communities around the games we compete in.

With a strong belief in growing oceanic communities we will be looking to reach out and assist in as many ways as possible. Our initial steps will be developing our website and other platforms into reliable sources of information, news and videos while also providing direct support and promotion of community run events while also looking at running our own Masterminds Open tournaments.

“At Masterminds GC, we are committed to maintaining a strong presence in the competitive gaming industry by being active in the communities of our chosen titles. We are focused on the growth of not only our teams, but also our individual players. We will work with you, both in and out of the game world to ensure you have the best possible opportunity to excel in your chosen career.” – Polter, Co-Founder.

Becoming a member of Masterminds is a rewarding experience as we will work with you to create a sustainable environment for you to compete in as well as offer you opportunity to growth and develop in other aspects. The chosen game title will determine what benefits are available for our members however the following is a list of things we will guarantee every Mastermind:

  • Players/Teams will receive %100 prize winnings, no Masterminds cut.
  • Tournament entry fees are on us.
  • Setup assistance, promotion and support of content creation.
  • Opportunity to develop professionally in other fields.

“We intend to align ourselves with the best professional players in a variety of competitive titles in an effort to assist in the personal growth and development of the individual, team, and organisation. We support our players in any way we can to enable them to achieve their goals, both inside and outside the game.” – Disconcur, Co-Founder

While we would love to one day be involved in every competitive game out there we do have to start somewhere. Our current list of games which we are activity looking at are : Overwatch, Hearthstone and SMITE.  While this is our active search list, our interest is much wider and would be interested in hearing from players in other titles as well.

We look forward to working with players and the communities in order to create a striving industry for everyone.

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