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Previously rank 1 NA Mercy player, Mastermind (no pun intended) of the 6-stacking drama, destroyer of teams and dedicated support player CantuS is the captain of Masterminds Overwatch.

Having played competitive Overwatch since release, CantuS was always above the pack whilst competing under Team Skyfire and JAM Gaming; however it wasn’t until the formation of the “Snakes” that we saw what CantuS could achieve at the reigns of a top-tier Overwatch team.

After being unable to attend the ESL ANZ Championships LAN due to passport issues, CantuS and the rest of Masterminds Overwatch showed their true potential at the CyberGamer AOC circuit LAN finals, winning the event in convincing fashion.

We sat down with CantuS to discuss Overwatch and its current state in our region.

So CantuS, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you got into competitive gaming, specifically Overwatch?

I was previously playing CS:GO, and when the Open Beta for Overwatch was released I gave it a try and found it 100 times more fun than CS.

I started out playing support since Lucio and Mercy were the easiest heroes to pick up and play and just smashed out quick play games for a few months. The competitive side of gaming always appealed to me but I hadn’t ever been good enough at a game to participate seriously in it. Since Overwatch was a new game and I seemed to be getting quite good I fancied my chances at reaching a high level.  I joined my first team through meeting people in the Team Expert pugs run by ckm and Leo, and went from there.

How is the team dynamic? Do you feel that the team is destined for success in its current state?

The team dynamic feels really good. Bringing in Hus and Willx actually caused a massive change. Hus brings a lot to the table in terms of calling and ideas, as well as being the #1 Tracer in Australia. And Willx is that projectile hard carry player that we as a team have really needed for quite a while now.  Compared to all the previous version of the team, this iteration feels by far the most talented and the most committed to improving.

What’s it like running with a “sister team”? Do you gain much benefit from this situation?

Having Blue to scrim against is helping us a lot more than I thought it would. Being able to talk openly about team comps, map picks, and strategies benefits both teams hugely. I feel like we will take the top 2 spots in the next Overwatch tournament we compete at. Between the analysis of BangZ, Smeves, and Jamiec, I don’t think any team will be able to bring anything new or effective enough to beat us.

The world cup will kick off shortly where you-along with three other Masterminds players-will be representing New Zealand. How are things looking in preparation? What do you see as the biggest challenge facing team NZ?

Our level as a team is quite good considering how recently we started playing together, and we communicate well in the server. That being said it’s a very tough ask to beat Brazil and Taiwan, who are both sending seasoned teams to the World Cup. I’m predicting Taiwan to go undefeated in the groups, and go deep in the playoff brackets. I’m hoping we’re able to take at least a few games off either USA or Brazil, maybe even cause an upset.

With being the Captain of Masterminds Overwatch alongside Captain of the NZ World Cup team, do you find the workload overbearing?

Scrimming so much is a bit stressful but it’s all worth it, improving and learning as a team feels satisfying as hell. I wouldn’t be playing Overwatch if I didn’t enjoy it, and it’s such a unique opportunity that I feel like I can’t waste it.

What are your thoughts on the Overwatch competitive scene both here and abroad?

People have plenty of negative things to say about what they think the Overwatch League will bring, if Blizzard can make it work and all that. Personally I’m just enjoying the OGN ran Apex League since it features the best teams and most competitive level of play, and it only promises to improve as the game progresses.

As far as the Oceanic scene goes, outside of the top three teams (Masterminds, 4Legs, and Masterminds Blue) the recent roster shuffles seem to have only hurt those involved, and the general level seems to be much lower than it was a month ago. Although it’s a bit rich for me to caution against roster moves considering how this team came to be, I do think there’s something to be said for making an effort to keep a core set of members, and only bringing in one new player at a time so they can slot into the existing system. A great example of this is 4Legs, who brought in Animefan in replacement of Wuvo. He seems to be having a much better time adapting and performing than new players in some of the other teams.

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